Singapore Public Sector Organisations Master Research Collaboration Agreement

Proposals with additional research results (above NParks results) are considered positive. HOME-GROWN DESIGNERS AND CREATORS CAN USE YOUR BUSINESS THROUGH IP. 3. Innovative industries are a growing pillar of Singapore`s economy. In particular, the design sector`s contribution to Singapore`s GDP has doubled over the past decade, from $1.1 billion in 2004 to $2.2 billion by 2015 and employs about 30,000 people. 4. And while Singapore can be a small country, our designers and designers are hitting far beyond their weights and making their mark internationally. Local jewelry designer Choo Yilin was named asia`s first designer at the prestigious Abelson Death Prize[2] and was chosen to present her work at the prestigious London Jewellery Week. At the prestigious Salone del Mobile Milano, furniture designer Olivia Lee has been voted one of the eight most promising designers for her 10-piece collection at the Athena, a range of smart home furniture and accessories designed to solve the problems of the prestigious Milano mobile show[3] due to technological dilemmas.

5. To help our local designers and designers like Yilin and Olivia maintain their competitive edge, the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and IPOS 2017 have updated the Registered Design Act 2017 to keep up with the latest design and technology trends and make it easier for designers to protect their work. 6. IPOS recently launched the REgistered Designs (RED) program in February 2018 to help our designers and designers develop holistic IP strategies to grow their business. In addition to instructions on IP and the recording of their designs, IPOS also offers several platforms for our designers and designers to present their designs. I am pleased to see that more than 30 designers have now benefited from this program and have developed their businesses through innovation and intelligent solutions. 3.2 An evaluation committee created by NParks decides to approve it. NParks may also decide to send the research proposal to an external expert for advice. 2.1 Researchers from all Singapore-based research institutes or companies may apply. The proposed budget should be based on realistic calculations in order to achieve the results of the research with appropriate justifications. The new centre shows how valuable it is to promote strategic partnerships between private and public organizations in Singapore.

It will strengthen Singapore`s semiconductor ecosystem by developing skills in advanced packaging and expanding expertise in semiconductor equipment research. This will strengthen our reputation in the global scientific community and our importance to the global semiconductor industry. [1] Leading NPs must have an employment contract of at least nine months of future employment (calculated from the date of the proposal) with a Singapore-based organisation (Singapore-based higher education institutions (IHL), public sector authorities, non-profit research laboratories, and companies and research laboratories/institutions close to the company.